Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot girls that don't look so good once I've drawn them.

3 more portraits from earlier tonight - each one took 35 minutes, painting from google reference.
The first one was really bad, the second I was really happy with and the 3rd was a bit dodgy, mostly cause it lacked any definition.

Yes, they're all portraits based on great looking girls.
I'm a guy. I was in no hurry to draw crazy old men.


Justin said...

Nice work Mykey! Getting that far in 35 mins is pretty challenging, especially painting in flesh tones, scary.

And yeah, chicks for the win. There's far too much sausage in our line of work anyway.

Did you pick colours straight off the sample images or just eyeball it?

Justin said...

Pahaha, "shouldn't jump", awesome. :D

Michael Manalac said...

Cheers man. Eyeballed the colours - you get a lot faster and more accurate at doing this the more you try it out.

I did some more portraits lastnight, will post those when i can.