Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hold onto your hats, this is gonna get ugly...

Here's some old OLLLDDD work from 2004.
This is also one of the first, and sadly, one of the last times I ever played with 3d. Since then I have forgotten just about everything of what I learned about using 3d programs.

At the time of these drawings/renders, I was studying animation. We had a one year group project - a 3d short film based on the designs from the matrix movies - in which every student (all 13 or 14 of us) had to pull their weight if we were to finish. Unfortunately from the get-go, there was a tiny group of us (about 4 guys) who practically did all the work. Good times!

I was the concept guy, and I was responsible for creating the characters, including the lead character - the critter you see above. It was a great lesson for me in 3d and the patience required to do it. At this time I'd also barely touched photoshop for digital painting, so most of my stuff was sketched out.

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