Monday, November 30, 2015

Speedpaints - November 2015

30 - 40 minute speedpaints for the 'Daily Spitpaint' group on Facebook. I'm trying to do one of these every day!

Far side of the moon
Tree hugger
Defending the tunnel
I'll never forget you
Cozy winter evening
Polar bear vacation
Spacecraft launcher
Giant Orbital Station
Source of the fire
(40.) 'Special' forces
On the giant's back
The pianist
Unicycle jousting
Hitch hiking

Prehistoric predator
Pink mountains
Wood cutting machine
Sif's golden hair
(30.) Shiny helmet
Alone in a dark forest
Don, the large and evil catfish
Zombie apocalypse
Overweight security guard
Dangerous g-g-gardennnn
Covert business deal
Underground canal
Monkey king's hairdresser
Cutting torch
(20.) Tortilla expert
Advanced bee civilization
Bird man
Solar array
Flying submarine
Boat maker
Attack of the pigeons
Ancient monk temple
Waterfall house
Trash can monsters
(10.) Flying hair (hare)

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