Thursday, December 31, 2015

Speedpaints - December 2015

30 - 40 minute speedpaints for the 'Daily Spitpaint' group on Facebook. I'm trying to do one of these every day!

Star prince (Ipad speedpaint)
(70) Angry reindeer (Ipad speedpaint)
Run down mushroom town (Ipad speedpaint)
Mossy (Ipad speedpaint)
Bike ride
One way ticket
Nordic folklore
Dinner for two
University of the bright and gifted
Vampire hunter
(60.) The odd neighbour
The power of afro
The giant eastern landfish
Hiding in the cupboard
Pig boxing
Android child
The industrial age
1960's fashion (ref used for the car)
Running for the train
(50.) Ink shower

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