Monday, March 23, 2009

Random enviro

Finished this pic earlier tonight. It went through quite a few idea changes - I just tried to feel my way through this one and see where it took me.


Leigh Miller said...

my man! looks good, even from way down here in Melbourne town.

Leigh Miller said...

i was just looking at your pics again... personally (that's right i have an opinion about your 2d work!) i would have made that dude smaller.

and i love the 5th pic, but i think i like the 4th and last because they seem different.

ps. 3d is the future.

Michael Manalac said...

Fair call about the size of the dude - I agree too. Most of the pics on here are sketches anyway so its more about the idea than the execution personally.

I also liked the 4th and 5th pics for a little while. Got bored of the 4th cause of the angle and city subject matter (was nothing strange about it except for maybe the colour palette). The 5th one I liked for a really long time then realized the really flat floor was meh and the entire pic was boxed in with elements on each edge of the page - felt unnatural and too 'convenient' for the shot.

ps. I ate 3d for dinner lastnight and it tasted shit!

Rod Wong said...

wow man, like that enviro piece man, nice composition and colours... very cool alien enviro mate:)

Captain Amorf said...

These are very very nice! Clap clap!!! :)