Saturday, April 4, 2009

...Mike...using 3d? Lies!

I'm constantly giving crap to my 3d friends about how bad 3d is - that's because its TRUE (2d rules). Zbrush is an exception cause its actually good!. This is my first real go at zbrush and I have to say that I enjoyed it overall.

Time for Mike's zbrush review:

+ Modelling, carving away and painting - great fun and works as you'd expect it to.
- The menu's are infuriatingly complex. Also, sometimes the program will just do something completely random (seriously), when you are trying to do something that you thought was really straight forward.

Strange program, but I'm keen to give it more time.

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Justin said...

Haha, wicked stuff dude! That's a great result for your first real crack at zbrush. I look forward to seeing more 3D from you, sir. :D