Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who isn't watching the Watchmen?

You know when you get that feeling that you're overdoing something but you choose to keep pressing on anyway, hoping it will turn out ok...and it doesn't? Yep, that happened tonight. Our 30 minute speedpaint today was Watchmen inspired and I figured I'd paint a stylized version of one of the characters.

I was pretty happy with that speedpaint and thought it'd be cool to do a few more. I slowly realized that was not such a good idea - each subsequent pic turned out worse and I cared less and less, focusing more on just finishing and having this colourful-rainbow-design'ish-thing to show off. The two last characters in particular were so badly rushed that I've attached only a low LOW res version of them for you to see. Everything looks better when its shrunk down!

Too much of a good thing is never actually good.

In other news, we had a 'tremor' (ie. a freakin' EARTHQUAKE) earlier tonight in Melbourne. Crazy times!

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