Sunday, March 30, 2008

More golden oldies

Some more old work...

427 Cobra - one of my fave old pieces. It took a lot longer than it probably should've to finish, but it was my first and last attempt at technical illustration. Good fun, but not really my thing... looking at it now, I wish I was a little more careful with certain things - the tyres, for one.

Enviro stuff - some work I did for a small Perth games company a while back. This is typical of the sort of thing I grew up doing and also the sort of thing I'm trying to get far away from now. Really saturated colours - they hurt my eyes now! Its a good reminder of where I've come from art-wise actually...

Flyers - Flyers I did for friends back in Perth. Its funny how quickly you learn when art/design is your thing. I wonder what I was thinking when I did some of this stuff, but again, its good when you can look at old work and see any progression you've made.

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