Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sketches / Work in Progress

I've really changed focus the last couple of weeks with this concept business - I'm trying to experiment more with process and also focusing more heavily on characters, as well as trying to find my own 'style' again (something I've ignored for too long, I think). Here are some of my more recent attempts - a lot of unfinished work here.


Simon Scales said...

Hey Mike...some cool stuff man!!

Mike McCain said...

Dude, nice stuff lately! That big ol' page of figures is inspiring. And it's cool that you're showing all these studies and photo practice.

Seems like as an artist it's easy to wind up spending all your time doing art for the sake of the finished product, not art purely for the sake of learning/improvement like you're doing here... very motivating, I need to do more of this. : )

Mike Mañalac said...

Simon - thanks dude.

Mike - Cheers man, couldn't agree more. I think half the reason I dont finish a lot of the pieces I start is cause I know I'm doing the same thing over and over and not actually learning anything new. That gets old real quick!

Jesse Soto said...

These are all very lovely! As a artist starting out, seeing your experimentation teaches me loads about your process.