Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hmmm, I wonder what inspired this...?

If you can guess it, Leigh Miller has agreed to pay you $5.

I'll post WIP's laters.


one22andan8th said...

eagle bird golden rock bird man door cave girl! YES! i owe me 5!

nice work mate, uncharted inspired much?

avsky said...

Mate!! This is AWESOME. It's almost a mash up of Uncharted and Metroid, with a giant Chozo statue.

Edo Avenir said...

very cool environment! Is this traditional paint or digital?

Jose Ramos said...

hey Mike , you have a great blog , fill of awesome works.
.Your style is cute , and your enviroments awesomes!!

see u!

Nori Tominaga said...

brilliant! i like the the detail in the golden rock bird man door cave girl!

Dan Enright said...

not only is your style cute myke, but you are too.

how's the thumb?

oh and leigh you owe me $5

Michael Manalac said...

Chozo Chozo!

Thanks lads. Golden rock bird man door cave girl was EXACTLY what i was going for.

Edo - pretty much all my stuff is digital dude.

Dan - You're a bit of alright too mate. I fractured my little finger btw! AND - when are we going to be able to see some 3d work on your blog eh?