Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Struggle-town! Blog-filler ahead.

I've been under the influence of severe creative block the passed month or two and it really is an annoying place to be! I draw most nights but lately it seems really difficult to finish any of the pics. Here are just a few of my many recent attempts.

In particular I know I've made a conscious decision to try some more stylized characters (ala Pixar or something similar) so maybe its just that transition that is slowing me down - I still really want to explore another style so we'll see how it goes.

I'm hoping this will spark something!


Rod Wong said...

man that stylised cowboy is sick, and so are the enviros, and the machine thingie, man u suck!!! wat u on bout being on a slump!

avsky said...

Creative block sucks, I've been there for years. I'm trying to gt my mojo back :\

For now I'm going back to pixel art.

james p brouwer said...

This is Struggle-town? Book me a ticket on that train!