Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look out, Hottie coming through

Some more CHOW.
The topic this time round were the characters from a comic called 'Sandman'. There were a bunch of characters to choose from - I picked one named 'Despair'. Never read the comic, but anyone who has seems to love it.

Here is her wiki description:

Here is the thread with all the final entries:


Rod Wong said...

mate your entry looks sick, awesome composition, excellent colors, love it:p Great execution on this one Mike!

Leigh Miller - 3D Artist said...

mum? that's really awesome dude, in a horrifyingly grotesque way. good shit.

oh wait, its 2d. D- then.

DumbBaby said...

She is hot. That is a strangely compelling little drawing Mr Man! I really like it! Guess who.. Its Mr Wise.