Monday, November 3, 2008


Speedpaints were always something I found extremely difficult to do - I found them to be more stressful than fun and after doing a few (with really mediocre results) I was starting to give up on the whole idea. I think most of my problem came from the fact that I never really understood how to get ideas down quickly.

Last friday we did some speedpaints at work and it was honestly the first time I enjoyed it. I can't mention this at all without acknowledging the tricks & shortcuts that my lead at work taught me - he walked me through the process step by step which was awesome.

The topic was Gears of War (a topic chosen after we'd watched countless videos of the soon-to-be-released GOW2).

The first pic (blue pic) was the one done at work in 30 minutes. I wanted to retain the process so I did another 30 min speedy (red pic) in my own time earlier tonight. Gotta say I'm pretty stoked with the results and that 30 minute speed paint last friday has opened up some new doors to my every-day working technique. Exciting stuff.

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